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My pump is making noise - does it need to be rebuilt?

Most of the time when a turbopump is noisy it indicates that the bearings have worn out. A complete rebuild is required to replace the bearings.

My pump doesn’t spin

If your pump is still installed but won’t start when the controller is energized we recommend removing the pump from the system and checking to see if it will spin by hand. If it spins freely, then it is likely there is a problem with the controller or cable. If the pump doesn’t spin freely or is frozen then the bearings have failed and the pump needs to be rebuilt.

My pump spins but doesn’t reach final speed

This is usually due to the bearings becoming worn but it’s also possible that the controller is at fault. The pump, controller, and cable should be sent together to be tested.

Some of the pump blades are bent or broken

We cannot replace damaged rotors (except for Edwards EXT pumps) so the pump will need to be replaced.

What is the procedure to send my pump in for repair?

Please click here to download the instructions and forms in a PDF file.

What is included in a rebuild?

A rebuild includes a complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection. All bearings, O-Rings, seals, etc., are replaced and the pump is rebalanced at operating speed.

What is your warranty?

We warranty our parts and labor for 1 year.

Do you offer an exchange program?

If we have a replacement pump in our inventory we can offer an exchange for a rebuildable core.

What is your turnaround time?

We strive to maintain a 2 week (or less) turnaround on all pumps. Rush service (1 week or less) is available for an extra charge.

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Our trained technicians can service and repair your vacuum pumps.

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We offer a one year warranty on all of our repair services and refurbished pumps and controllers.

Our trained technicians can service and repair your vacuum pumps.

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